Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Attack on Naval Base a Cowardly Act: Are you serious?

The Prime Minister of Pakistan yesterday said that attack on the naval base by the terrorists was a cowardly act. I would like to ask the worthy PM that if attacking a fully functional naval base, capturing it, destroying two very expensive and high tech aeroplanes, holding the fort for sixteen hours, killing many trained army personnel including officers and escape of two two terrorists is a cowardly act, then what constitutes a brave act in his opinion.

Another gem of information was shared by the Defence Minister Mr. Ahmed Mukhtar, who while talking to the media, said that attack was very well planned and the terrorists were fully prepared. Thank you Mr. Mukhtar! All of us were thinking that few terrorist were just strolling around and when they saw PNS Mehran, they suddenly decided to attack on it on a whim. We know that you minsters are incompetent but at least don't try to make us realize that you are also proud of your incompetence as well. Is there nobody to tell these idiots to keep their mouths shut when they don't know what to say.

Resorting to empty rhetoric instead of openly accepting our failures has become a national habit for us. Instead of sacking those who are responsible for the gross neglect of duty and breach of security, or at least demanding resignations from them, we are busy in signing praises of their bravery and eulogizing their sacrifices. The attack on naval base in Karachi is the worst that can happen to any military installation and yet we are not ready to put the blame where it belongs.

We know that war on terror is is our own war and and its that the war of our survival, but if the war is being fought by such incapable people we have no hope of winning it.