Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why Don’t I leave this country and Who is stopping me!

My Prime Minister has asked me to leave the country and has informed me that nobody will stop me. Mr. prime Minister I want to tell you that:
One, I am not leaving this country and I am not going anywhere, because it belongs to me not to you. I am not a new comer in the area. I have been living her for thousands of years. My Father, grandfather and ancestors are buried here. And nobody has the right to tell me to leave this area. God forbid even if Pakistan disintegrates and disappears, I shall still be living here after hundreds of years in the form of my offspring. I am a son of this soil. Me elders have cultivated this land for thousands of years and we have developed a bond and relationship with the land, We were bonded with this land when it was called India, we are bonded to this land when this is being called Pakistan and we shall be bonded with this land when God forbid it will be called by some other name. It is a relationship beyond arbitrary names and slogans. And since I am living here, I have all the rights to demand that I should be given all the facilities which all the human beings are entitled to. Even if this area was included in India, I would have demanded the same. Because this is my human right which all the states need to respect, protect and fulfill.
Secondly, I can’t leave because thanks to your rotten and corrupt governance and policies, the green passport is hated and ridiculed all over the world. I am not welcome anywhere. You have deprived me of all my respect and honor which I previously enjoyed. People of the world used to treat me as one of them, but now they look upon me as some monster and alien. I am hated Mr. Prime Minster because of you and your policies. I am isolated in this world. Not to talk of my going anywhere, nobody is willing to come here to play a cricket match with me. How do you expect me to go away?
So Mr. Prime Minister, thank you very much for your advice, but I would appreciate if you could do the same yourself and yes, I assure you that nobody will stop you. In fact we shall distribute sweets when we shall see your ass going way from here.


Bilal said...

We all love our Mother Home land, and we will not going to leave.Pakistan PaindaBad

Raza Khattak said...

cent percent right why should we leave Pakistan. It belongs to us not to stupid and corrupt people.

Amer said...

Super like, because even though it would surely fall on deaf ears, it brings some solace to the readers and the writer in first place

Aftab Ahmed Awan said...

Sure Aamir it is meant to vent my frustration and disgust at the remark made by EX PM. With no hope that it is going to make any difference.