Thursday, June 21, 2012

Best of Both Worlds

Now no one can say that our government is not sincere in its efforts to solve the problem of Swat? Keeping in mind some English proverbs regarding best possible means of catching the thieves, the government has requested the favorite Mualna of the nation to help in solving the   issue of Swat. What’s the big deal if the government has to appoint his brother as a minster on his request in return of this favour?  Where we already have eighty ministers, addition of just one will not make any big difference.  We can also say that it is a step towards reducing un employment. Now we have just hundred million minus one unemployed people in Pakistan.

I am always surprised when some columnists and reports make a lot of hue and cry whenever an incident of the political prudence of our one and only favorite maulana is reported. By now we should have become accustomed to such reports. We should only be surprised if there is a report that unexpectedly maulana made an error of judgment and entered into a deal that promised no political or monitory gains.

Maulana is from the breed of those politicians who have made amends for the blunders of ‘political integrity’ and ‘principled stances’ committed by their elders in the political arena.  Maulana’s father was also a known politician and a great religious scholar but could not bring himself to use his name, knowledge and political clout to get a single kanal of land or even a small permit of kerosene oil for his family from his political counterparts. Now tell me, what is the use of having so many followers or a lot of religious knowledge if that can not be used for benefit of family and relatives. Late Nawabzada was another such politician. When he died, he had sold more than half of his ancestral land. But thank God, all that land (and some more) has been regained by his hardworking and industrious offspring by adopting correct political strategies.  If maulana has also taken some steps to rectify the errors of past, we should not raise unnecessary objections to that. Rather, he should be praised for that.

If some friends offer you permits of few million barrels of diesel, how can you break their heart by saying no.  When you also know that the diesel can be used to support the shattered economy of the brotherly neighboring Muslim country by sending it to them in such a way that they don’t have to pay the unnecessary custom duties and taxes, accepting such offers becomes your obligation. Also keep in mind that fact that such offers help in reducing unemployment. Many of the unemployed friends and members of the family get jobs and business opportunities as results of such acts of gallant sacrifice.   In another such incident, maulana kindly consented to bring a piece of land under his use, which had hitherto been lying unattended under the control of Pakistan army. He knew that army had many other very important things to do and it was unwise to let that piece of land go waste. So being a brave and selfless person, he accepted the repeated requests of the then army chief and even agreed to pay hefty amounts of hundreds of rupees per kanal. But unfortunately, our reports and columnists have started making a noise without looking at the noble motives behind the move.

Maulana believes in making hay while the sun shines and has the ability to do so in style. Maulana also has the rare skill of successfully riding two boats at the same time. He got a unique opportunity of exhibiting his talents in the previous regime when he was the leader of the opposition and general secretary of the now almost defunct MMA. We all remember with admiration that how skillfully he managed to keep the opposition and the government satisfied with his performance. Though I have to admit that some of his somersaults left his allies exasperated and frustrated, yet I have to point out that such maneuvers contributed significantly in brining stability to the ‘real democracy’ introduced by another gem of our shining history; Gen Pervaiz Musharaf. If Maulna had not been there to play his role, the ‘real democracy’ would have received a great setback when majority of the members of NWFP assembly would have resigned and made it difficult for the General to get re-elected and serve the country further. But thank God, maulana once again single handedly stopped that tragedy from happening.

Before that he and his allied parties had already left their golden mark in the constitutional history of Pakistan by supporting the 17th amendment which is best amendment ever to have been introduced in the constitution of Pakistan. Only the 8th amendment introduced by another faithful servant of the country Gen Zia can match 17th amendment in its far reaching consequences.  But unfortunately some shortsighted politicians had managed the get that great piece removed from constitution. As always, it was maulana who helped in making amends for the past mistakes and brought back the 8th amendment in the form 17th amendment albeit in more refined form. In fact the passing of 17th amendment is a diamond in the crown of political achievements of maulana and his allies of MMA.

There are some cynics, who claim that such moves by maulana damaged the credibility of the religious parties in Pakistan and also blame him for the early demise of MMA. But I must tell them that great vision and political wisdom of Qazi Hussain is also to be appreciated along with the political pragmatism of maulana for expediting the journey of MMA towards extinction. As far as the credibility of religious parties is concerned, what credibility they had before maulana that he damaged. In fact if this was the case, the party of maulana would not have once again won so many seats. On the contrary those parties and leaders, who were safeguarding their credibility, are once again on the streets waiting for the next elections. In the coming months all of us would see the efforts of maulana for the liberation of Kashmir as Chairman Kashmir Committee. This portfolio has once again been given to maulana because of his great understanding of Kashmir issue and the support which he always extended to Kashmiris and not as a result of any bargain.

In my opinion, we should all request the maulana to open an institute of politics and to give lectures to all budding leaders on ways and means of enjoying both the worlds. After all he is the only person, who has the ability to lead the opposition and court the government at the same time. If we want to remain where we are now, we are going to need more people like him.

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