Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dharna: Few Impressions

Today I visited dharna of TUQ in the evening. Have to accept that number is large. My guess is around 70,000 were still there in the evening. Majority of the people are from lower income groups. I would say this is the group which has been hardest hit by the economic crises created by this incompetent and corrupt government. They are very well organized and seem quite prepared for a long stay. Though the young boys of the Minhaj-ul-Quran are trying to maintain security and people are being checked at every 10 meters, yet there is no official security. There is grave danger of terrorist activity. The mood in the crowd was festive. They are not bothered by the fact the Imran Khan has decided not to join and all political parties have joined hand against them. My heart weeps for these people who came out in hope of change following some one of dubious credentials and who now finds himself in a closed alley. But one thing I can say: use of force against this group is going to be a big folly and will only help TUQ in achieving his objectives which otherwise now seem quite difficult. I am sure he must be secretly hoping that govt uses force against him and turns him into a hero.

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Dr. Mahmooda Aftab said...

Prayers for the innocent people who followed Dr. Qadri blindly. President Zardari guarantees no operation on the participants of sit-in protesters. Rehman Malik is ready to have dialogues with Dr. Qadri. Hope for the best not from Dr. Qadri but from Allah.