Saturday, January 19, 2013

Elite Pirs of Pakistan

It has been reported in newspapers that Mr. President has been staying in Karachi for last couple of weeks because his "Pir" has asked him to be away from the mountains and be near the sea for some time and he is strictly following his advice. The “Pir” sahib stays with Mr. President all the time and takes precautionary measures to safeguard and protect the President. All political decisions also require his nod. The Chief Justice has his full time "Pir" who even accompanied him to Howard University lectures. The Prime Minister has his own "Pir" who is currently living in the PM House as our Prime Minister firmly believes that he has become PM because of his prayers and spiritual support. Even Imran Khan gets special attention from the one residing in a city close to Rawalpindi.
It seems that all the “who’s who of Pakistan” have their own exclusive specialist Pirs who mentor them, guide them and safeguard them against evil designs of the enemies and evil eye of the masses. In the Democratic Republic of Pakistan, previously we only had First Ladies, now it seems that soon we shall our First Pirs as well. It is only the poor people of Pakistan who do not have any spiritual leader and Pir to safeguard them and protect them from the calamities which have befallen us curtsey of these rulers, who are being protected by such elite Pirs.
Being rich and powerful has many perks and benefits. One of them is that you can have your reserved exclusive “Saalam” Pir. In good old days when automobiles were not so common and people travelled by Tangas, the rich used to hire a Tanga exclusively for themselves which was called “Saalam Tanga” while the poor had to share and paid fare of one seat each. Some of you must have also heard of “Saalam Roast Murgha” which was ordered in hotels. The same is the case now with our spiritual leaders and gurus. If you are a common person, you will have to travel to the house of the Pir Sahib and pay an amount to get a little time to be in his company and request for his prayers. You will get very limited time as there will be others waiting for their turn. But if you are rich and powerful, you can get exclusive rights of the Pir Sahib and his time and prayers will be reserved specially for you and you can utilize him at will.
I wonder, whether these so called spiritual leaders and Pirs ever think about the condition of the masses? Do they know what their disciples are doing to the people of Pakistan and how difficult the lives of common people have become? The heart of any truly spiritual person would bleed if he looks at the plight of the common man of Pakistan. Any truly spiritual person can never even think of supporting these culprits against the oppressed and suppressed masses of Pakistan. Yet these imposters keep on living in the government houses and plunder the national resources with support of their patrons on key positions of the country. What a joke we have made of our religion and how long we will keep on doing so?

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