Friday, January 18, 2013

Will Our Belief in Democracy Pay Off?

Qadri is gone and Islamabad is back to normal. Frantic coverage on the TV is no more. Everything is back to as it was. Ayaz Amir says we lost the chance of a life time and now we are destined to live in the clutches of the present corrupt system for a very long time to come. Talat Hussain and Co say that the drama is over and it was just a plot by some external forces, who backed out when they could not muster up enough support for the nefarious designs to bring in a care taker set up and shelve democracy for a good time. Lucman and Kamran term it a great victory for democracy and tell us that the agreement will have great impact on the upcoming elections.

I am a common Pakistani and I am terribly confused. Whom should I believe and whom I should not? What to believe and what not to believe? I sit in my chair and ponder, because this is not just a philosophical and intellectual question, it is a question of my life and death. This is the question of my bread and butter. The way my life has changed over the last five years has a lot to do with the extremely corrupt system which is gripping my country. Should I have stood up and joined Dharna and help in over throwing the system now or should I wait for the next elections to use my vote to change my destiny. Did I make a mistake or did I make a wise choice?

The common man did not listen to the rhetoric of Qadri and he went back empty handed. But now, we the common people are terrified at heart. Will our decision of waiting for next elections for bringing in change prove right? Will we be able to improve our lot through our vote? What if our decision is proven wrong and same corrupt rulers once again grab the power? Imran and Nawaz! We believed you and we did not let that Qadri derail the system. Now what will you do to us. We have kept our side of the bargain, now will you?

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Muhammad Imran said...

During this 'historical' dharna, I think nobody among our politicians is left unexposed. Those who claimed revolutions were behaving like gamblers and it looked that they are ready to compromise on all their principles and claims even for a very little advantage of their own. I think to choose from these existing politicians will do no good to us, no matter how fair we elect them.